Bitchy Cuties Tell Loser To Disrobe And Penetrate A Fucking Device

November 21st, 2014

Fucking Machine from PureCFNM

Two cuties are laughing about the worthless bastard at work who has a crush on her. That babe makes no doubt of he will perform everything that babe commands so they acquire the stupid dude to come round and take all his clothing off as they giggle at him. They masturbate his shlong until it’s fully upright and then disclose Lola’s slightly modified masturbation device! Take a look at the sample movie scene here to watch what takes place as they thrust his erect shlong inside the Fleshlight and begin using the machine! The ladies are crying with laughter as they control the power with which the machine screw his dick but they end up taking his knob out and masturbate him to a big goo flow themselves to demonstrate that there’s no thing greater amount excellent than a female’s touch!

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3 Secretaries Deceive Chap Into Taking Nude Selfies

November 15th, 2014

Toilet Selfie from PureCFNM

Brian is receiving messages from a playgirl on Snapchat. When she orders him to send her a in nature’s garb selfie that fellow sneaks into the throne room cubicle to take it. Out of him realizing, the texts are in fact from a woman co-worker and 3 of the office girls peek over the top of the cubicle and observe him disrobe and then taking fotos of himself. Watch the trailer here to watch what occurs when they begin giggling and this man is caught red-handed. They suggest not to tell anyone on the condition that that chap allows them in and the ladies then take over, jerking off his knob and snapping pics of him until this stud has a large cock juice flow over Wendy’s hands!

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Lads End Up Stripped In Front Of 3 Ladies In College Sports Hall

November 8th, 2014

Mixed Changing from PureCFNM

A gang of hottiesgirls and boyz arrive at a nearby college for a swimming meet. They find that the swimming pool has unisex changing rooms. The dudes are quite anxious but finally give in, dreaming they will acquire a glimpse of their bazookas. Unfortunately the beauties have planned ahead and are already wearing their swimsuits underneath their tunics. See the example movie here to view what takes place as the boys spin around and the chicks burst out laughing when they set eyes on their knobs. As the studs hide their groins in humiliation the females feel sorry for them and acquire on their knees to give them one as well as the other a irrumation – every gal receiving a barrage of jizz!

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Glamour Model Spots Trouser Erection And Forces Tog To Expose Himself In Front Of Her

November 1st, 2014

Tented Trousers from PureCFNM

Well known glamour model Beth is speechless when photographer Brian has an obvious mound in his not quite watch throughout joggers during their shoot. Take a look at the example movie scene here to see how hysterical her looks of amazement are at the bulge in his panties! When that babe challenges him about it at the end this chab says she is wrong until she tells him to pull his trousers down and let her see the evidence – which he eagerly does! She’s appalled and turns to leave, merely to discover him whacking off behind her. That babe fetches her phone and tells him to keep going, capturing him in full brilliance on video so she can display it to her model pals. This babe torments him as this dude wanks, asking him to cream whilst this babe watches – so he complies!

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Females Jerk Males On An Endless Cock juice Conveyor Thong

October 25th, 2014

Spunk Production Line from PureCFNM

In the future dudes are merely a resource, farmed for their jism by a race of cuties. In this factory 3 hot females drain the male conveyor strap for their nice spunk. Take a look at the example movie scene here to watch what takes place as the 1st guy is sedated and wanked without leniency until this guy erupts into the collection chamber. He’s wheeled out and the next chap is brought in, bound up and sedated. The hotties begin to milk him but the drug has worn off and they need to block his throat with tape. They continue milking and blowing his cock until this man erupts prematurely into Carla’s unsuspecting face. Now the females need an extra semen donation, it’s your turn . .

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Gals Give Ally A Blow job After Finding Him In Skimpy Fancy Costume Costume

October 18th, 2014

Skin Costume from PureCFNM

Georgie and Chantelle are talking about what outfits to receive for the fancy dress get jointly. Charlie returns home clutching a bag with his outfit in. This chab informs them that he isn’t certain about it so the women insist this fellow tries it on. Take a look at the sample movie here to see what takes place when their faces switch to shock when he walks out donning an highly figure hugging skin costume. It leaves nothing to the imagination and the women howl with laughter when they unearth a pee-hole in the suit. They tug out his ramrod and say this chab has to go to the party in that state! As this chab put his hands over his dick in embarrassment the babes receive him on the sofa and masturbate and swallow his rod until this chab covers Georgie’s face in jism!

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Boxer Gets Jerked Off And Sucked By Ring Chicks To Make His Weight Class

October 11th, 2014

Boxing Weigh In from PureCFNM

It is the evening before the sell-out fight and the challenger has arrived for his weight check. To her shock, promoter Nina discovers that that stud is slightly over the limit and isn’t plan to be allowed to fight. Take a look at the trailer here to watch what occurs when that babe ushers the media out of the room and questions the fighter, discovering that this dude hasn’t jerked off for weeks. She tells her 2 promotion chicks to undress him during the time that her female colleagues move nearer for a better inspection. The promotion hotties then milk and blow his cock until this fellow jizzes in their glamorous juvenile faces. He acquires onto the weighing machine and the 2 ounces are gone, the boxing match is on!

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Beauties Engulf Off Physician To Thank Him For Their 1st Ever Big O!

October 4th, 2014

Her First Orgasm from PureCFNM

Lissa is at the doctors to find if everything can be done about her inability to reach orgasm. Her buddy Charlie is with her to give moral support and they are horny to find that Dr Josh makes no doubt of there is a cure. Take a look at the trailer here to see what takes place as that stud gets Lissa onto the investigation bed, hikes up her dress and begins sluggishly fondling her wet crack. His experienced fingers quickly have her groaning in ecstasy and this babe tastes her 1st climax ever! The gals are so thankful that they are adamant about stripping Josh and letting him have a joy their own skills, milking and engulfing him to a heavy sperm fountain right into Lissa’s face!

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Gals Demand A Private Show After Inadvertently Observing A Stud Jerking off On Web camera

September 27th, 2014

Live Show Please from PureCFNM

Russ has just finished chatting to some angel buddies on movie scene chat but forgets to turn it off. Because of this his four lady allies get a amazing view of him stripping nude for his shower. See the trailer here to view what takes place when that man returns from the shower and they view him recline on the couch and play with himself into a sock! The women turn on the mic and applaud him, sending him into a state of shock. They assure him they will keep quiet about what they saw on the condition that that fellow drives round to their abode instantly and gives ‘em a live show. All four females then grab hold of his cock, jerking off and blowing it until he ejaculates into Georgie’s face!

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Female Nightclub Managers Slurp Jism From A Male Stripper’s Body

September 20th, 2014

Stripper Audition from PureCFNM

Three babes are auditioning fresh male dancers for their nightclub but so far the candidates have been awful. The next auditions is handsome hunk Alexei and they immediately fancy him. Take a look at the trailer here to view what happens as this chab undresses off and shows off his chiseled six pack, the chicks go all giggly and begin pawing at his physique. When his underwear is removed they stare open mouthed at his schlong previous to jumping on it, stroking and blowing him until this fellow explodes on himself. The sex-mad females then take turns to swallow the goo off his belly before ordering him to acquire clothed as he makes his debut tonight!

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